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Download French in Action A Beginning Course in Language and Culture Second Edition Audio Program Part 1 by Pierre Capretz – Yes It Really Works
PDF Summary:
Wanna learn french This series is excellent for beginners or people who want a nice thorough review The complete learning course comes with the activity book the videos DVD and cassettes or cds to listen too The videos are patterned in the style of a soap opera following the actions of a young half american-half french gentleman named Robert who moves to Paris to find himself Upon meeting a beautiful young lady named Mireille we track Robert as he encounters typical everyday scenarios in Paris For example catching a taxi riding the metro or visiting historic sites like the Eiffel Tower Each episode ends with Professor Capretz walking us through the lesson and recapping new words phrases and other colloquialisms familiar to the french language An excellent course for those who are serious and disciplined enough to learn a language on their own Highly recommended DJ Come of Age FrancaisAnglais…

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